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Hi, I am Debbie Persson owner of Home Sale Design Solutions servicing Chicago’s north and north west suburbs. I am an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner. We specialize in both vacant and occupied home staging as well as interior .redesign. We have an inventory of our own furniture and accessories as well as partnerships with furniture rental companies. Whether you are in need of staging services or interior redesign we will meet your needs.

Staging a home is not about filling it with furniture or cleaning and decluttering. It’s about creating the right environment that your potential buyers will want to live in. We create emotional connection points throughout the home, so that potential home buyers will feel at home in your home.

What will Home Sale Design Solutions a Mount Prospect, Illinois Certified Professional Staging Company do for you?

We will meet with you to get to know you, your goals, expectations and budget. Then we will review your home, inside and out, with great detail and take before pictures for later comparison. We will determine how the available funds will best be spent to give you the most return on your investment dollars. We will then transform your home, as defined above, leaving you with gorgeous “after” photos for you and your realtor’s marketing efforts. We will educate you on the reasons behind the transformations we perform. We will address your specific needs as current occupants of your home, in order to make living in the staged home as comfortable as possible. We encourage you to be as involved as possible in the actual activities of the staging process. The more involved you are in the process the easier it is to accept the transformations. Of course a reminder of the return on investment expected should also relieve any uneasiness.

You only have one chance to make a great impression with each buyer! Let us do that for you!




Our Mission
Our mission is to make your home appeal to your targeted buyers. In doing so, help you sell your home faster and at a higher price than you would get without professional staging.
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