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Consultation for an Occupied Home
We will tour your home, inside and out, and discuss the changes that will need to be made in order to create the environment that will appeal to your targeted buyer. I will be taking pictures as we tour, to include in the written report. Following the consultation you will be provided with a written report that can be used as a Do-It –Yourself guide to make the changes on your own; or, if you prefer, we are happy to come back and make the changes for you or with you. I would ask that you invite us back to take “after” pictures, which we will supply to you free for your marketing purposes including a virtual tour.

Color Consultation
Do you need help choosing colors for your walls, carpet, hardwoods, cabinets, countertops or backsplashes? We will bring fan decks to your home and choose just the right colors for your situation. We can provide material samples for you or accompany you on a shopping trip for materials.

Staging Services for an Occupied Home
Our goal is to create the environment that your targeted buyers are looking for and the drama that will allow them to remember your home from all the rest. We will schedule the staging date following the completion of any work needed by 3rd party vendors such as painters, electricians, handymen, cleaners, etc., which we often have referrals for. We will try to use as much of your own things as possible; however, there may be some suggested purchases. Following the staging we will take pictures and create a virtual tour that we will offer to you and your realtor free of charge.

Walk-thru with quote for a Vacant Home
Our goal will be to add enough home furnishings to give the space a warm, open and inviting feel which will give buyers a frame of reference and fuel their imagination. We will tour your home, take pictures, measurements and notes and then furnish you with a written quote shortly after our meeting. The quote will include the staging and unstaging fee, rental fee, delivery and pick up fee.

Staging Services for a Vacant Home
Once the quote is agreed upon we will schedule a staging date and also supply you with a list of home improvements we feel are critical to you getting your home sold fast and for top dollar.  We ask that the home be cleaned prior to our arrival. Following the staging we will take pictures and create a virtual tour that we will offer to you and your realtor for your marketing needs. We suggest you keep the home staged until after the home inspection and mortgage has been approved. Once everything is ready for closing give us a call and we will schedule the unstaging.

Design Solutions for Interior Redesign
Are you interested in rearranging and reorganizing your home for a fresh, updated look? Perhaps you would like to repurpose a room for new needs? Ask about my Interior Redesign services customized for you. Are you moving into a new home and not sure where to place your furnishings or what new purchases to make? Ask about my Move-in services.

FREE color consultation included with staging package!

Our Mission
Our mission is to make your home appeal to your targeted buyers. In doing so, help you sell your home faster and at a higher price than you would get without professional staging.
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